School Training services LLC will provide training for up to 12 people. This training will encompass all the necessary requirements to allow the schools personnel to be proficient in the judicious use of deadly force during an active shooter incident. The training will also satisfy the requirements for an Arkansas Commissioned School Security Officer, and the Arkansas Enhanced Concealed Handgun License.

The Objective

To equip the Commissioned School Security Officer with the obligatory skills to carry concealed daily while being prepared to respond to a violent encounter that would potentially require the use of deadly force. The graduate will be proficient with presenting the firearm from the holster and to skillfully discharge his gun without endangering others. The school personnel will be trained to understand the legal ramifications along with the tactics and mindset necessary to safeguard the lives of those entrusted to them.

Scope of CSSOTraining

This training would consist of 60 hours of direct instruction. This will follow the state mandated material. There will be blocks of instruction on:

Defensive Tactics, Weapon retention, and Tactical Medicine that will require a moderate physical effort. Additionally, through the course of this training there will be standards that must be met regarding the proficiency of operating a handgun. These will be nationally recognized qualifications that will involve both speed and accuracy. There will be both live fire and simulation training that will test the student’s ability to exercise judgment and tactics both as an individual and a member of the team. This will require the students to be able to exhibit physical effort in operating a handgun. This will involve shooting with one hand and both hands. The student will need to perform these drills while standing and kneeling. We will make reasonable accommodations to both the physical and intellectual comfort of the students. However, this will not involve modifying the necessary performance on testing in shooting proficiency or in use of judgment.

There will be one written test given at the end of the course. This course will be given on a Pass / Fail basis the students must pass both the written and skills testing to graduate. Most of the exercises will be objectively graded. However, some portions of this course that involve exercising good judgment based on the curriculum. It is understood that it may be somewhat subjective but if, in the opinion of the instructors this requirement is not met, it will result in a failure.

Division of Responsibility’s

School Training Services LLC. will provide the following at no additional charge:

  • Handguns, magazines and holsters for use during the course. (Students may provide an approved handgun if they choose in 9mm)
  • All range supplies and classroom materials ( STS LLC can provide ammo and pass the cost on to the school district)
  • All paperwork and fingerprint cards along with notary for the Arkansas Commissioned Private Security Guard.
  • All paperwork and finger print cards for the Arkansas Enhanced Concealed Handgun License.
  • All students will be given a list of equipment that they should bring to class with them. This will include a belt suitable for carrying a handgun and extra magazines. A series of concealment garments that would work both for training on the range and daily carry through the variety of weather conditions that they may encounter during the school year. They will need to provide suitable personal safety equipment such as eye protection, ear protection and a brimmed baseball cap.

The School District will be responsible to provide the following:

  • Class room space for instruction.
  • Space for force on force training.
  • Access to copier and or printer.
  • Internet access as needed.
  • Appropriate meals for each training day for all students and instructors.
  • Travel expenses for instructors
  • All students must sign and agree to a release.
  • All students must complete a valid CPR course during the 60 hours. If the school cannot provide a CPR instructor, STS will provide one and pass the cost onto the school.
  • Students should pass a mental evaluation prior beginning training. They must complete one prior to submitting the CSSO application.
  • All students must be able to pass the required background checks.
  • Force on Force role players

Scope of Staff and Student Training

Staff will be trained in how to respond to an active shooter. This will revolve around the Run, Hide, Fight model. This training will specifically teach how to employ this strategy while interacting with armed CSSO and Law Enforcement. Instructors will be available for individual room plans compatible with this strategy.

Age appropriate students will we give a presentation on Run, Hide, Fight model. This will stress individual decision making when confronted with a life or death situation.

Post Training

  • Instructors will provide consulting and auditing to the school district covering:
  • Assisting the school district in submitting and complying with Arkansas State Police paperwork.
  • Auditing of CSSO’s post training to assure compliance with school policy and state law.
  • General questions and concerns with program implementation and maintenance.